Commercial floors take more of a beating during the winter. Any hard surface floor such as stone, wood, or tile is susceptible to damage, some of which can be permanent. During winter weather events, pedestrian traffic entering a building will likely track in snow, mud, salt, or other chemicals used on roadways and outdoor surfaces. Neglecting floor maintenance during winter months can shorter the life span of the floor and can put occupants and visitors at risk of injury. Proactive preparation and ongoing maintenance are the keys to winter floor care.

Wood floors are even more susceptible to damage from water and salt, especially if they aren’t sealed properly. Their surfaces can be scratched from salt rocks grinding underfoot, and gaps between planks can become filled with dirt and debris. Even clean water, if left on the surface of a wood floor, can damage the finish. It’s important to keep your floors as clean as possible, especially during winter months. There are also some steps you can take to prevent potential damage and protect your beautiful floors.

Simply placing mats at entryways can reduce the amount of dirt, rocks, and debris tracked inside. Provide waterproof mats near doorways, where shoes can be stowed. If it’s impractical or not possible to ask patrons or employees to remove their shoes before entering the building, encourage people to use the mat to wipe their feet before entering. A friendly sign at entryways can be a simple yet effective reminder.

Frequent vacuuming is also recommended to ensure salt, sand, and other debris are quickly removed before it has a chance to get tracked farther into the building. It’s also essential to ensure the floor’s surface remains dry to avoid any slip-and-fall accidents. Quality floor cleaning procedures and materials can effectively and efficiently remove all dirt and debris, protecting your flooring so it stands up to the test of time—and the test of winter.

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