metal furniture

Here in KC we are ready for summer! People are preparing their patio sets and grills for outdoor living. But the early summer showers hitting the Midwest remind us that when water, iron, and oxygen mix, rust could also be around the corner. At KC Restoration we know firsthand how destructive rust damage can be.
When that happens, it’s our job to bring metalwork back to life. But you don’t have to be a professional to combat corrosion. An ounce of prevention is well worth it. These quick tips can help you keep your metal furniture looking great.

Keep it Dry.  Rust forms from the combination of water, iron and oxygen. Rain and snow readily reacts with naturally present iron and combines with the metal at an atomic level, forming iron oxide or rust. Since moisture causes the corrosion to occur, keeping your metal furniture dry is the key to rust prevention.
Reduce contact with precipitation by covering your furniture when not in use or placing it underneath a patio or porch roof. If you don’t have a cover, give your furniture a quick towel dry to wick moisture off the metal surface.

Keep it Clean.  Corrosion from rust happens gradually. Even if your items look rust-free, you never know when oxidation is occurring beneath the surface. Check your furniture on a regular basis for discoloration, scratches or flaking. Clean gently with warm water and a cloth or mild dish soap. Be sure to dry with a new cloth to keep moisture from seeping in.

Keep it Smooth.  Scratches and scrapes can create access points for ad to larger problems, as scratches leave room for dirt and dust to set in and an increased chance for rust to appear. If you find a scratch, sand the area smooth. Once level to the surface, add a layer of metal polish over the entire surface for a even finish.

KC Restoration LLC hopes these steps should keep your metal furniture looking beautiful. If you have commercial outdoor furniture or fixtures that need attention, we’d be happy to help you restore their beauty and help your investment continue to shine.