Planned maintenance, sometimes called preventive maintenance, provides regular inspections, cleaning, and minor repairs. Regular maintenance can preserve appearances and delay expensive refinishing. Surfaces that are well-cared for will last longer and will appear their best for several years. Compared to the cost of replacing a floor, frame, or exterior item, the time expended and cost to deep clean, polish, remove a scratch, etc. is more cost-effective.

Refinishing annually is less labor intensive and less expensive than having the service performed every 2-3 years. Many property and facility managers choose to divide this annual cost into monthly payments to provide predictable, regular costs with payments that can be generated automatically. Several of our customers have maintenance agreements which typically include 2-4 visits throughout the year depending on the surface, environment, and amount of usage. These maintenance services provide a combination of refinishing, touch-up, cleaning, and wax.

A preventative maintenance program ensures that your surfaces maintain an appealing cared-for appearance and do not impact the reputation and value of your space with an unsightly image before it is addressed.  Without preventive maintenance, the need for a major repair or replacement of a floor or other surface occurs more often. These circumstances usually cost more money and take longer to perform.

A planned maintenance system allows property and facility managers to spend more time managing tenant requests and budgets and less time dealing with the consequences of tarnished, rusted, or discolored and unattractive surfaces. A proactive strategy is generally more effective in the long run.

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