Spring will be springing in a matter of a few weeks! Commercial facilities take a beating during the harsh winter months and an exterior deep cleaning procedure is a great solution for not only improving the appearance of the facility, but also for improving the health and safety of occupants and visitors.

Remove Contaminants with Ease

Built-up grime and dirt give a worn-down appearance to your commercial building. Exterior deep cleaning removes unwanted mess from the facade, masonry, concrete, and parking lots with environmentally friendly chemicals that will not harm landscaping. Removing dirt, broken-down paint, and mildew is easier and faster with this process.

Prevent Costly Repairs

Over time, the grime that builds up on the roof and sides of your building fence in moisture on the walls, causing growth of mildew and mold. Thus, scheduling regular exterior deep cleaning prevents rot and disintegration of your property in addition to eliminating biodegradable contaminants that can cause severe structure damage. It’s the best way to protect your building.

Promote a Healthy Environment

Your building’s exterior surfaces accumulate mildew, mold, and other bacteria that can be harmful to those working within it. If you are experiencing more sick days lately, it’s time to get your property deep cleaned by professionals. With their expert cleaning, pollutants clinging to the exteriors will be washed away. These elements cause health problems like respiratory issues and allergies. Regular deep cleaning services will help in preventing them.

Increase Your Building’s Value

If your facility is for sale, an exterior deep cleaning will make it sparkle with clean surfaces. Needless to say, a well-cleaned building attracts more eyes than a filthy façade. Whether your building is in a high-end neighborhood or a low-income area, good washing will definitely make it stand out and create the right impression.

Protect Against Injury

Professional cleaning of your building’s exterior can also prevent slips and falls which are among the most common workplace accidents. Deep cleaning your sidewalks, walkways, and parking areas can get rid of grease, mold, and other substances that are potentially dangerous to your employees as people may slip on it.

Clean exteriors increases the visibility of your facility, decreases erosion from Mother Nature, enhances curb appeal and improves health and safety. You only get one chance to make a first impression, and an aesthetically pleasing building does just that. For more information, contact KC Restoration today!