Check out these photos of some concrete refinishing work KC Restoration’s team has been up to at Union Station! Science City is always a busy hive of learning and to make Maker Studio that much better a part of the learning hive, a new, bigger space is being worked on for Maker Studio to expand into. We got to help with that process; the new area’s floor lost 20 years of VCT tile and mastic. Mastic is the adhesive paste that kept that VCT or vinyl composition tile in place. With the help of specialized floor refinishing machinery and a lot of hard work, our technicians stripped the floor to bare concrete. Then it received a beautiful dark gray stain, and our team finished up by polishing the floor to the gleaming, reflective beauty you can see in these photos.

Of course, work on the space will continue from the floor up, so be on the lookout as 2019 progresses so you can come to see the refinished floor and all the new developments that will be added atop it. Haven’t ever visited Maker Studio? It’s definitely a neat space to check out now and into its expanded future. Maker Studio visitors get to both observe and interact with innovative new materials and machinery, cutting-edge technology, and the Making of something new. Alongside their daily Open House, there’s scientific demonstrations and hands-on workshops both in the Studio and around Science City!