Restorative floor care procedures can make your building shine. Floor restoration services include deep cleaning, removing soils and debris from high traffic surfaces and polishing. Daily maintenance tasks can be performed by a cleaning crew if they are using the right chemicals and equipment.
Stone floors throughout commercial buildings require regular maintenance as well as routine professional maintenance from time to time. Cleaning is an extremely important procedure the KC Restoration team performs to extract the buildup of dirt, filth, mildew, and other particulates from the surface. However, over time and regular cleaning, the polish that makes specific types of tile and stone shine have dissipated. KC Restoration recommends investing in a polishing service that requires the polishing maintenance following a professional cleaning to restore the ambient shine.
Terrazzo, marble, granite and more are all examples of hard floor surfaces that should get polished to keep the luster, gloss and beauty. Simply ensuring you polish your stone flooring offers more protection. Polishing should be done at least once a year following the regular cleaning service. If your floors endure high traffic and abuse, cleaning and polishing services may be needed on a more frequent basis to maintain the luster.
If you are uncertain if the floors in your facility require a polishing service, the professionals at KC Restoration can inform you on the professional treatments optimal for the type of floor you have. While buildings are empty and floor traffic is at a minimum, take advantage of the opportunity to do floor care projects efficiently and right!