oxidized metal postAll this summer rain and heat can be hard on metals. They can lose the height of their gleaming beauty and sometimes even turn green from oxidization. If you visited Topeka in earlier years, you might even remember the green color the state capitol building’s dome used to sport. It was due to oxidization. The below photos show that same result on some gorgeous statues KC Restoration was contracted to restore: “Visions of Children” in front of American Century Investment’s offices here in Kansas City and another KC Restoration client’s bronze sculpture of children riding a log / make-believe horse. For both projects, we stripped the statues down to a bare bronze before applying patina(s) to produce the results you can see in the second photo of each statue. We can return your oxidized metal to its original finish or we can create new contrasting effects to bring out particular details. And to keep the new finish protected for years to come, we can finish our work with a UV-protectant clear coat and waxes. Give us a call at (913) 766-2200 to discuss what would work best for your oxidized, aging, or damaged metals whether statues, exterior or interior details. We are experts at restoring them all.


oxidized metal post oxidized metal post oxidized metal post