Let’s talk about The Bachelor! What does The Bachelor have to do with commercial building maintenance, you ask? Hang in there and we think KC Restoration can convince you there is a connection.

If you have or have not seen The Bachelor, you probably know the premise. A single man dates several women and picks the one he chooses to pursue a long-term relationship with.  Every season concludes with a dramatic rose ceremony when the woman the bachelor chooses is revealed. While many features matter including appearance, personality, common interests and more, we all know that appearance is very important when making a match!

Without realizing it, facility, property and apartment managers participate in an untelevised version of this type of show daily. Each day, a business is choosing the space they want to commit to. Each day, a resident is choosing the space they want to live in. First impressions and appearances matter when choosing a space. There may be unappealing aspects that can’t be controlled such as layout or location, but KCR can help you with the important first-impression items that will make you a contender!

Our team of experts can give you ideas of ways to rejuvenate your interior and exterior spaces and earn a rose! For more information contact KCR today!