Part of KCR’s mission to beautify our city includes work in our residential communities.  Our team has completed several restoration projects for homes, one of which has been featured in a recent issue of a local magazine. The current May online and paper editions of Kansas City Homes and Style Magazine contain an article about kitchen remodeling and features a picture of a metal hood that was refinished by KC Restoration.  The hood was stripped, sanded, and cleaned before applying patina and a clear coat.  Cracks were also filled to make the hood become a decorative focal point of the kitchen. The original horizontal bronze accents were also refinished to enhance the look. Kitchen hoods provide style and visual appeal to any kitchen.  They also provide the functionalities of excess heat removal, improved air quality, additional lighting, and they increase the home’s value.  If you have a hood that needs to be restored to become a decorative and functional kitchen element, contact KC Restoration today!