As summer officially approaches, you may be thinking about replacing or improving your exterior furnishings. Many office and retail facilities have metal chairs and benches outside to provide seating for employees and customers.

Metal furniture is far more resilient to everyday wear and tear which is one of the main reasons that it is the number one choice for many. Metal is much harder, stronger, and heavier than other types of furniture like wood and plastics, which means that this type of furniture survives for many years.

However, these furnishings need regular cleaning to maintain their beauty, especially after a long, messy winter. Harsh weather can leave exterior furniture looking dingy, tired and less than inviting. Caring for your metal outdoor furniture can keep it looking good all year long.

Dust, leaves and other loose debris are likely to gather on any furniture that has been left uncovered during extended periods without use. Start your cleanup by using a brush or dry cloth to wipe away any loose materials. Metal furnishings can be sprayed down using a garden hose with a spray attachment to dislodge lingering surface debris.

Wrought iron and stainless steel are popular choices for outdoor furniture for their durability and ease of maintenance. In most cases, metal patio furniture will easily return to “like new” condition by using a sponge or brush to clean surfaces with a quarter cup of mild dish soap added to a gallon of warm water.

The greatest enemy of metal furniture is rust. Although metal patio furniture is often painted or coated with a rust-resistant finish, these will wear away over time. If rust is detected, use steel wool to remove oxidation and consider contacting a professional contractor. Trained experts can remove rust and apply coatings for beauty and protection.