It may seem odd for a for-profit, family owned metal refinishing business to have an association with veterans’ causes. However, we have much more in common than one would see at first glance. For example, we share some core values:

Service: Putting aside our own desires, we serve others and work to reach their goals. At KC Restoration LLC, we listen to our customers’ needs and work to meet them, on their timetable.

Excellence: Regardless of the time or effort involved, we will never settle for less than excellent work. There is no such thing as “good enough.”

A Cause: Veterans, of course have fought for America’s interest. We do what we do for them. Our customers know that by hiring us, they have a greater satisfaction than just getting shiny metal (although that is very cool and exciting!), they know that we use portions of our profits to meet the needs of veterans, by supporting charities that offer assistance and encouragement. Also, the more successful we are, the more veterans we can employ, which will meet a tremendous need and help them provide for their families.

Teamwork: Every employee of KC Restoration, LLC has bought into our vision and has a shared goal. Our team members know the higher the quality of their work, the more work we earn. The more we earn, the more we can donate and the more we can hire. They love to restore that brilliant surface, but they love working together to help others even more. And it is in their DNA: they aim to please.