If there’s one thing that we know to be true about trends (both in fashion AND in interiors), it’s that everything seems to make a comeback. What is old becomes new again at some point when it comes to keeping up with what is in style.


When it comes to commercial facility and office space design, some trends of the past will be making a comeback.  Wood paneled walls first came on the scene in the 1970s. However, after the 2000s came around, wood panels were deemed “out” and painted white or even wallpapered to mask their appearance. But as of late (especially with the shiplap craze of the past several years), wood panels are rising back on the scene that gives a both vintage and modern appeal.


Stainless steel and rose gold have each had their moments recently, but it’s brass’s time to shine once again! When used for appliances, hardware or fixtures, this gold-ish metal brings color and warmth to a kitchen, bathroom, or entry or outdoor space. Incorporating brass throughout a building through sinks, cabinet handles, light fixtures, and even doorknobs can add an Art Deco flair to any space!  You can also mix different metal finishes for an alternative design spin.


Concrete is known to be one of the best materials, especially suitable for commercial spaces. In 2022, you may colored concrete to introduce more of that pop of texture commercial spaces tend to crave, while still maximizing durability.

Current office designs are pairing old and new design elements together — an inspiring fusion of the past and the present. Mixing old and new even applies to flooring — pairing engineered hardwood with LVT can neutralize the colors in a space or even complement the surrounding design elements. For more information and ways to refinish or restore any of these surfaces in your facility, contact KC Restoration today. Russ can provide a free estimate.