Our service, the work that we do, not only beautifies Kansas City, but it increases the happiness and quality of life for everyone who lives, works or visits the buildings we improve.  Research has shown that our happiness is greatly impacted by the appearance of our environment.  When a building is unattractive and uncared for, those in it feel unvalued and unhappy. Studies have demonstrated that employees in attractive spaces are treated with greater respect than those in unappealing offices.

Our team gets great satisfaction from viewing the difference their work makes visually (their phones are loaded with before and after photos) and they cherish the compliments they receive from employees and visitors who pass by as they work.  However, their work continues to make a difference long after they leave the job site, as employees are treated with greater respect; they feel valued by management and enjoy spending time in their work space, increasing their job and life satisfaction.

Of course, customers are more likely to enjoy spending time (and money) in such spaces as well, which increases the happiness of ownership. Visitors and residents of Kansas City develop more positive impressions of the caliber of people and life here when they are surrounded by well-maintained, handsome buildings and spaces. Their positive impressions increase the reputation and tourism in KC, which benefits all who live here.

While we define our work as metal, stone and wood refinishing, what we do is make Kanas City a happier, prettier place! When you hire us to pressure wash your exterior limestone, remove the tarnish from your building entrance, or refinish dull floors, you are also making a more profound impact than you might imagine.

LeAnn Luemmen, Co-Founder and CEO