KC Restoration is thrilled when our clients think of us when they have new projects requiring expertise in metal restoration and refinishing. Having worked with the wonderful MC Realty Group in the past and seen their commitment to their buildings and the details that make them beautiful, we are excited to now work for MC Realty on the Deramus Building.

The downtown office building had 38 bronze grates in offices and conference rooms that were in need of updating. KC Restoration is bringing back the bright shiny finish intended for such a great accent to one of Kansas City’s historic buildings.

Deramus grates Deramus grates Deramus grates


From the beautiful exterior architecture to the interior’s ornate crown molding, stairs, and lighting, we were so impressed by the Deramus Building that we had to learn a little bit about its history. It started out as the three-story Pickering Building in 1925, designed by local architects Charles E. Shepard and Albert C. Wiser in a Second Renaissance Revival Style and with an abundance of brass, marble, and walnut paneling. At that time, it served as the headquarters for the Pickering Lumber Company which was founded back in 1894. Additional stories were added in 1950, and a modern addition from 1959-1961 completed the building you see today in the West Eleventh Street Historic District.

For more architectural details and historic photos, click on this link to a pdf file of the Nomination Form for the National Register of Historic Places:  http://www.dnr.mo.gov/shpo/nps-nr/82003148.pdf.