After celebrating America’s independence in July, I am now taking time to focus on the true heart of America. This is our country’s INTERDEPENDENCE.  This is displayed and valued perfectly in local commerce.

When we execute well and help customers reach their goals, we create a win-win that improves both reputations.  We also improve the welfare of our vendors, suppliers and the local citizens who work for these businesses.  We take this responsibility very seriously. If we fail, the ramifications are significant.  They extend past our walls and into the homes of people we know and love.  The also extend to the neighbors we have never met. The failures of our vendors or suppliers also negatively impacts us, therefore we are vested in their success. National or international companies have no such interest in the success or failure of our community.

KC Restoration supports local commerce whenever possible. We work with local vendors and suppliers, eat at locally owned restaurants and purchase groceries from locally owned stores.  In a time of polarization and isolation, it is important to remember that we need each other – we rise and fall together.

When we moved to Kansas City in 2011, we wanted to invest in the community. We created a company to provide job opportunities.  Our customers and vendors have become friends and our employees have become family.  Through our services, we have added beauty and improved the impression of places in Kansas City.  Customers, vendors, suppliers and KCR teammates: we are so grateful for the opportunity to support you and become part of your success.  We will forever remember the important role you have played in our story and achievement. Go KC!

-LeAnn Luemmen, CEO